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Their Journey


Thank you 

"I think everyone could benefit from a dose of the “Alison Flanagan’s” and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for what I consider to be her life saving ministrations. "

I Am Stronger

"I think of myself completely differently since commencing the coaching and I am much stronger mentally and emotionally. Thank you Alison for showing me that my capabilities were already there….they were just waiting to be released.


"Alison’s approach to the coaching was excellent and I looked forward to each session."

New Understanding

“I enjoyed the time to reflect on personal and work issues, and felt entirely listened to during our coaching conversations. When each session ended I left with a sense of energy and a new understanding of myself.”

I Felt Safe

"I felt safe, and able to honestly discuss the issues that were on my mind.”

"With Alison’s help I was able to identify
some key goals and make progress including in my career progression."

Career progression

The Value Of This Process

“I think it is fair to say that I was surprised by the outcome, and I think that speaks volumes about the value of this process. You were wonderfully non judgmental, and metaphorically held up a mirror for me to try out ideas and thoughts. I enjoyed this work and have gained personal and professional clarity and contentment as a consequence."

Skillful and Intelligent Coach

“Alison was a skilful and intelligent coach, asking questions in different ways which challenged my thinking, and shifted my perspective. She used a variety of techniques which I enjoyed, and followed a line of discussion which moved me on. Alison was sensitive to what techniques worked for me and adapted her approach”.

An Exciting Experience

“I would highly recommend Alison as a coach. I feel she has just the right skills and approach to explore the difficult issues alongside you, and make it feel like an exciting experience. I don’t think I could have found a better coach! “

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