Ready for

a change?

Creating a safe place to reflect and grow

A coaching conversation is different to a chat or a doctor’s consultation.


Together, we create a safe place to reflect and work on your desired outcomes.


Whatever the topic, you are in control of the session and I will facilitate you to consider what you would like to have happen and how this might work.

Coaching Sessions

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Professional Coaching

Professional coaching can support you with work-related personal development, relationship building, leadership, motivation and confidence, at any stage of your career.

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Health and Wellbeing

Using a Lifestyle Medicine and health coaching approach we can review your lifestyle balance and consider positive changes with lasting effects. We work together to make sure you're on the right path to being the best version of yourself. 

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching can be useful when your life needs to change direction or you just feel “stuck”. We can explore what this means to you and how you can find your way.

...and sometimes it's a mixture

At times we focus on one area of our lives not realising that in order to progress we need to nurture another.

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Book a FREE 30 Minute 
discovery Session

I offer a free 30 minute telephone or web-based discovery session before establishing any coaching relationship. 

Whatever our focus, my goal is for you to take what you need from your session and journey forward in control.