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Coaching for career and business success

Whether you are looking to enhance your own career or you have a business and recognise the benefits of investing in your staff, I can help.


Many workplaces engage coaches to support staff at times of transition. This may include changes and restructuring, or a new job, returning to work, promotion or retirement.


Others use coaching to support developing leaders and watch the benefits ripple out across their organisation.

Thriving (not just surviving) at work

I have personal experience of Board and leadership roles and advanced qualifications in Executive Coaching. I enjoy working with people at all stages of their careers - from students and the newly qualified to senior leaders and Chief Executives.


Everyone benefits from supported reflection to enable them to be “the best version of themselves” at work.


Businesses thrive when their workforce is happy and engaged. What would your staff like to have happen?

How can I help you?

There is increasing recognition that coaching contributes to workplace development by:

  • Personalising learning

  • Enhancing skills

  • Developing greater self-awareness

  • Enhancing motivation

  • Developing personal confidence and self-regard

  • Supporting well-being

  • Improving people management

  • Enhancing relationship building and engagement

  • Improving prioritisation and goal setting

  • Enhancing communication.

Your Journey

We spend thousands of days at work over a lifetime. A purposeful job enhances our lives but sometimes obstacles can prevent us from being fulfilled.


A coaching investment in your career or your staff can take you to new levels of satisfaction and success. Where will your journey take you?

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